Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi My Name is Diva M and I have an Addiction....

TO SHOPPING.... no, that's wrong... NOT shopping... but the FRUIT OF SHOPPING!

The beautiful bountiful filled to the brim glorious un-recyclable bags of merchandise!
Pay days are my killer because at that moment I feel RICH RICH RICH... and so it's easy to SPEND SPEND SPEND!
ohhhhh the damage I can do on a lunch's ghastly. I first stop off at the little kiosk that sold the expensive straightener I own, to buy a holder for the flat iron.... ( shhhh I burned the rubber edge of my sink by accident) the holder will hold the hot iron....ok it kinda holds it because I can't get the little suction cups to lay flat. But I'll figure something out as this is a better idea than leaving the sucker to burn down my house. I have a friend who has the same sort of 'panic' and so she actually takes her iron to work, worrying that she has left it plugged in. She said that one day she went off to work realizing that she couldn't remember un-plugging it so she turned back around to home to pick up the appliance. I don't want to be THAT crazy (giggle) so buying the holder is much better. (still gotta remember to unplug it though, maybe taking it with me is not a bad idea!)
I digress.....
On I move to Aldo accessories! To look at their jewelry! I have been drooling over this beautiful piece which is rather expensive..... (a friend looked at it after and said it was "too over the top, even for me" ) I don't totally trust her opinion, but whatever, it was money I didn't spend! WHEW!

I'm headed for the MAC store when the Lotus Wear screams out! YOGA CLOTHING and catches my ear and eye.... I proceed in, knowing that yoga clothes are expensive but found the 50% and 40% off wall! I look at a pair of pants and see that they are quite large, might even fit. I look at the tag, it says size 14. FOURTEEN!?? I pull them out and hold them up... THIS is no size 14! I ask the clerk about the fact that they are so big, she replies "our clothing is generous" I'm thinking your clothing is sized WRONG, but i'll take it.... it makes me a teeny size 14! BAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I try on a top and pant at 40% the two together are the price of a pair of non-sale pants. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to spend money, but I LOVE a good deal more! Remember my last yoga clothing experience? THAT WAS AWESOME! But, these looked great on me, and because I'm going to yoga everyday it would be a great to have a second set so as not to have to make sure I've washed and hung everything to dry to be ready for the next 6 am class. (not bad eh?) plus I looked very cute in the outfit!

Out to the MAC store.
I've started using paint pots (eyeshadow) and they are wonderful, so with the goal to have all of them and using my wonderful 30% discount I buy 2 more colours and a small brown dry eyeshadow and the holder for it. The girl gives me a sample of a face cream, which was another reason I went into the store for.

I finish with an icecream for my daughter and I.
Home after work, dinner done, and off I head out once again to the 'other' MAC store. This one I can't use my discount as THE BAY has some sort of rule.... GEEEESH! but this MAC store has brushes that are 'exclusive' to The Bay. A set of 5 different brushes for the price of one. I don't even need to explain anymore.

My daughter was in need of a bra so we struggled a bit but found a one.
cha ching (it's small cause it wasn't for me)

I head to London Drugs to look for cordless phone batteries. All 3 of my cordless phones do not last my ability to talk, COMBINED. I actually have 5 cordless, but, ok, I have nothing to say about that. I bought the batteries along with bus tickets for my kids.
CHA ching (half was for me)

and since we are at this mall, off we move on to WINNERS. My daughter was in need of some shorts so we went in and found some... 3 pairs, which are bought for her birthday. I of course am puttering around the yoga clothes. I find some tops ( I only have one, which I had bought earlier)
I find 2 tops, one black one white, I go for both, and they were a good price. Much more affordable than the lotus wear clothing.
Ok confession. When I bought the last 2 items, I purchased one through debit WITH the shorts, the second one I put on a credit card, so as to hide it from the joint owner of my bank account.

and that my friends was a day in DivaM-land!
I don't even want to tell you how many clothes I have......
Happy Shopping

Diva M

What's the Avoidance?

I have 'meant' to write, a lot! And I know how good intentions work. They don't.
I have had many thoughts run through my head on 'what' to write, but those "good intention" type, thoughts never make it to the keyboard.
I've been tired.
As a new yogagoer, going 5 days a week at 6 am and 2 days at 8 am, I'm one pooped out girl.
Lots of things have been going on in the last 2 weeks (other than writing) I am realizing how deep the yoga can hit your soul. I have had times where I begin to weep in savasana due to really, really, really, letting go of 'stuff'; allowing peace to settle a little deeper with in, giving myself grace where I have not allowed it's sunshine to warm my soul, getting in control of my crazy head mixed up emotions.
Yes, this is my yoga.
I have stretched my body beyond what it's used to, and have worked hard to achieving a bit more of the poses, as my soul is trying hard to heal. I have found that I move into a deeper resting place when I sleep, some nights having a genuine sleep, which is a bonus!
But there is a deeper level of avoidance with in me, sure the writing but that is on the outside, but what are the things that I allow myself to avoid within so as not to be real with myself?
That's a REALLY good question.

Diva M

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