Monday, August 18, 2008

What's up with Racoons

I have a bass player friend who I met and performed with once in Vangroovy. We became myspace friends & facebook friends (poking is a must)! He has helped me out a couple of times with music and the likes, and has lived about 4 years in Vangroovy.
A few weeks back I was stalking his FB pages and looking at all his unique pictures. This one was a doozer! I exclaimed in my comment THREE racoons on your porch?

He quickly commented back and said no there were FIVE! FIVE!! little midnight devils! The photo opt scared them off.
Due to work etc. my friend and his wife move back east, this was about 3 weeks ago. I get a raccoon alert msg in my inbox! They are living in an apartment on the 2nd or 3rd floor and a group of THREE raccoons came to visit them on their balcony. Two were there to wrestle and the other was just a spectator. Back to my original question, "what's up with raccoons?" Are these distant Ontarian raccoon relatives to the Vancouverite raccoons coming as a welcoming committee to welcome back my friend and his wife? How could one family have their paths crossed eight times by raccoons, (and within 4 years) where through my entire life I've never had one come near my home.
There must be a unique communication that the raccoons share.... "hey we got some people friends that just moved away from Vancouver, why don't you guys go and welcome them back to Ontario" I figure the 2 wrestlers were probably fighting over who could ring the door bell.

Diva M

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Gramma Still Gots' It!

My Gramma was born in 1915, she is 93 years old. She likes to tell me she's 93 and half! I say go for it Gramma! My problem is that I start saying she's 'almost' 94 and then when her birthday comes I forget that she was 'turning' 94 and think she is already 94 and turning 95. I come by it honestly.... my mother does the same thing!
This amazing woman still lives in her own home, gardens, shops and looks after a cat named Jeremy.

(rabbit trail) all the spending that I like to do...? you know the stories I write in my other blogs? YES, those ones! I come by the spending addiction honestly. My mother and my Gramma have the same problem. My Gramma still goes and buys things she doesn't really need. (end of rabbit trail)

I digress.....
I was in my former home town and did a show at one of my favorite restaurants. The place was packed with so many wonderful familiar faces. One older gentleman came in, a face I did not recognize, but I did notice his 'proper' manners of removing his hat as he entered the room. I didn't pay too much attention to him, just noticed that he had come in and had a glass of beer.
Later as he was leaving he shuffled his way past my Gramma's table just as she was getting up to us the restroom, the two of them trying to get past one another in their polite ways. She smiles, and he says "how are you?" she replies "very well, thank you!"
This exchange was rather intriguing cause as the gentle man continued to the door, there was quite a ruckus at my Gramma's table of questions of, 'who was that?' 'do you know him?' etc. Those that were asking the questions kept looking at the gentleman and as he left he turned and mouthed ..................... "SHE'S HOT!"

Diva M

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