Monday, August 9, 2010

We Interrupt Our Scheduled Recording...

We Interrupt Our Scheduled Recording to bring you the beginning of 'another' recording!

The adventures in recording part 5

When you are not a full time musician and have a regular J.O.B. & family, it's hard to keep things focused and on track. The summer has come and is quickly coming to an end and we have not been back to the studio since June. Music festivals, vacations and schedules have kept us from continuing with the recording.

The good news is we will be back to the studio at the end of August and hopefully that will allow us to finish things up, at least on the recording end of things. Next will be photos and CD layout and THEN duplication. I suspect that the album will be completed in October! (hoping hoping hoping)

So in the mean time..
I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Karel Roessingh who is a phenomenal pianist. I first met Karel through another musician who was unable to play on my Summertime EP album. Karel was recommended to me as a replacement.
I called him up said who I was and what I wanted, and he said SURE!
The music Karel played on the album was wonderful!!! his solo for La Vie En Rose is exquisite. Many times as I listen to the solo, I rewind it to listen to it over and over. Since that time we've had opportunity to play a couple of gigs together, the caliber that Karel is has pushed me and allowed me to grow more as a musician.

All of this to say, I am beginning another recording with Karel this week!

This will be an easy listening Jazz and Blues album of my Mother's favourite tunes that I sing.

My Mom who truly is my biggest fan, was at each and every one of my performances in Prince George when I lived there. Now that I am an Island girl, she sadly says, "I 'wish' I could be there with you" when I am heading out to a gig.

The wheels in my brain started spinning when I overheard someone talking about Karel’s studio, I thought this would be fantastic! Karel is great to work with, a phenomenal musician and then is able to record as well! WOO HOO HOO!

Next a benefactor came who would loan me the funds to create this new project… double WOO HOO HOO! Chatted with my mom and asked her what songs would she like me to do? And we’ve got a strong list of her favourite songs. (most of them are popular standards) It will be great mix of Jazz and Blues mostly love songs and as she calls them “the breaka my heart songs” too.

This will be a most wonderful experience for me to work with Karel and I’m excited to finally have the long awaited Jazz album.

and my Mom will finally have me wrapped up in a disc to play at home... over and over and over and over and over.....

Diva M

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scullylovepromo said...

The new project with Karel sounds very exciting Maureen! It sounds like a CD I'll definitely want to buy so be sure to keep me posted! I just found out you have a blog!

All the best,

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