Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Adventures in Recording Part 4


We started last week laying down the "bed tracks" (This is the foundation for the album, it consists of the drums, guitar and bass.) The guys were amazing!! They easily settled into great grooves and some stellar musicianship was highlighted though out the day.
We only used a
click track for one of the tunes... it was HILARIOUS,  it sounded like the pings from the old Atari games!

How the drummer kept a great groove with "pong,ping,ping,ping: pong,ping,ping,ping" in his head phones I will NEVER know. 
But all and all after a good day of working hard we were able to finish all the bed tracks. WOOT!

Next session was the vocals: THIS, took a bit more time, as it should.

Hummm, how to describe it?  ahhhhhh, oohhhhh, wellllll... (I've started this sentence at least four times)

Here is the synopsis... I go in looking like this.... (an original from the day)

And I come out looking like THIS!!! 

No, I'm not being over dramatic!! Vocal recording is crazy hard work. You have to hit ALL the pitches perfectly, and articulate clearly... "don sha wanna be wit geen",  does not come out as the sentence should  when it's being permanently recorded!

(please keep in mind for this next part... the singer MUST be totally relaxed)
I go in  to the wee booth or in this case, a 3 sided very short hallway with the head phones on both ears. 

Sing through the song: The engineer now tells me where I "was a bit pitchy."  ok. 
I remove one side of the head phones, (ahh yes this is how all the stars do it... they look soooo cool. Look at me... looking cool!!!) 
Sing through: "ahh, still pitchy here and um, here".
I now stand taller and work at holding my rib cage higher.

Sing through: "Pitchy,".
I now lift up both arms and hold the other earphone slightly away from my head, and press both elbows on the walls for support.
Sing through...
"stop... no...let's start that again that first phrase is off now"... 
I open my eyes wider and try to smile through the singing. "OK that was good, do you want to listen?"  
I am no longer relaxed and feel quite exhausted. I untangle myself and leave the head phones to go and listen, mean while my hair is now all matted and my (pits) have worked up a good sweat. Song #One done! ONLY Six to go! 

After 1 1/2 days of singing seven tunes I think vocal recording should be done in a bathing suit!!
on second thought....
I think I should have been a librarian!

Diva M \o/

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