Sunday, January 9, 2011

Music Promo by Richie Auriemma

Victoria, BC has a secret......but not the kind that's kept under wraps or behind closed shines in the beautiful & talented Maureen Washington.

Man, can this gal belt it out.And then in the next breath enchant you & perhaps make you & your partner to dance a little a little deeper.

Smooth is a word that used an awful lot for jazzy type singers. Maureen is the definition of it. The end as well as the beginning.

There is a richness in her tone that I have never heard before from any other singer. To hear it nine fold, check out LA VIE EN's what dreams are made of.

You know how you feel when you hear a voice that you know is gonna be with you forever.....I find this with Maureen Washington. A true singer out there in a field of her own goodness.

SUMMERTIME, RIGHT STUFF, & LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN are diamonds to discover here as well.

I am head over heels for Maureen's will be to....and you'll thank me for it. I PROMISE!!!!

Please support Maureen Washington & her stellar body of work.

Tx--Richie Auriemma

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randygarner44 said...

I would, but I hate Richie so I'm going to have to pass.

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