Tuesday, October 14, 2008


October is a strange month for me I was married in this month many moons ago and divorced in this month just a few moons ago. Still kinda hanging out with the fella... (but that should be another story)

Thanks giving is about giving thanks for family, friends, God, life, long weekend etc. etc. bla bla bla... but more importantly for this Diva is the TURKEY! I love turkey! Why I don't just buy one of those suckers and cook it up other times through-out the year, I shake my head and have no idea.
This year we went out and got a typical sized one, I REALLY wanted a big one, for.... the left overs! But, 13 pounds or so was all we could get.

We started to make plans of 'when' we would do the deed and Saturday became quite fetching for me! Ahhh yes, cook the turkey on Saturday, Sunday Church and other relaxing events and then Monday TOTAL DAY OF SLACKNESS!

Saturday the stuffing was made mid morning, and due to health changes we are making in the home we decided NO MORE ENAMEL POTS. So off to cost-co to buy a new stainless steel one.... with the most awesomness drip pan EVER!
Bird is stuffed and the house begins to smell divine. We will have a table of 10 and a friend bringing the most amazing cheese sauce to die for! And all I can think of is.... THE LEFT OVERS! I haven't had a turkey sandwich on WHITE BREAD in for... almost never.
We cook, we forge, we clean (well the kids cleaned... which is one of the MAIN reasons for having them) and we are soooo stuffed and satisfied. I look at my meaty left overs and they are sorta scarce, not bad, but not enough for another dinner AND sandwiches.

The next day many of them go to church. I stay home, cause I wanna and can! I get a phone call from daughter #2 who says her boyfriends dinner got canceled and that they might be coming back to our house. WHAT?? I don't 'really' have left overs for a whole 8 person dinner. So I call the fella and mention to him to go and pick up a couple drumsticks or thighs and we'll cook them to add to what we already have. Everything is pretty pricey so we chat a bit and decide what the heck BUY ANOTHER TURKEY!! As he is standing there, turkey in one hand and cell phone in the other a man comes up and says "do you have one of these?, it's a $10 off coupon" woo hoo! we now just got ourselves another turkey for $15.00!

We figure no point in stuffing it as there are leftovers of stuffing and all the other 'stuffs' that go with dinner from the previous night. All I'm thinking of is the leftovers!! Into the oven it goes.
Just before dinner we begin warming up the other parts, and the turkey is out in it's waiting mode.
Suddenly the power goes out!
After a few calls to my cell phone, we find out the power is out in the entire southern Island as well as well as a few neighboring islands ... woooo wee! was it too many people cooking turkey?? :o) (it wasn't by the way.)

So we are now in the dark throwing bowels into the oven to keep warm and I'm outside on the Bar-B-Q making a big-ass pot of gravy and keeping the cheese sauce warm.
Daughter #3 arrives home with 3 friends in tow. "Can they stay for dinner?" I say sure whats 11 people?? (no turkey leftovers is what that is...) but we have a beautiful candle lit dinner around the table with some kids who hadn't had 1 turkey dinner let alone 2 like my family! It was wonderful.

There were a few bits from the first turkey that allowed us to make a sandwich or 2 and a couple of open faced hot sandwiches on WHITE BREAD....on the Monday, but there's always a hankering in me for more leftovers......

Diva M

p.s. I did think about getting another turkey on Monday.... but figured we would wait for the sale on Tuesday.... get me 2 more!

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