Monday, March 29, 2010

I Could be repeating myself, I could be repeating myself!

I truly wish I would take this blogging more seriously. I seem to let my mind stray from being focused on writing something profound or somewhat ear-catching.
Always making plans to write.... later, asking other writers & musician friends what keeps them focused at writing. And let me say, when I get on that path, this quest could keep me preoccupied for months. I just keep asking and asking and not getting the answers that I think I want to hear, or just the answer that says 'they have no idea either'.... this of course helps to hold me back from.....

It's not like I have a boring, hum drum life. I've 5 kids: who are either adults or on the verge of adulthood. That in itself is a bizarre roller coaster of life. Lots to write about there.
I'm a singer trying to build a music career to sustain myself and my family in this crazy economy AND, at my age. (again so much to write about that)
I have a partner who is battling an extreme rare form of terminal cancer. This again has much content to write about, but yet at the same time is difficult to write out the pains of the heart.

So, why on earth could I be avoiding these blogs? (this is where I really think I'm repeating myself) I have no idea why I block and censor myself on writing.

I especially want to write music again and I truly feel a regular blog will help get the cobwebs cleaned out......
Maybe I find the cobwebs comforting.......

Diva M

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