Monday, March 15, 2010

Yes I "think" I'm still breathing

Time seems to keep speeding up. Especially when I'm not paying too close attention.
I can't believe how each week just bleeds into the next.

I work my two days at the J.O.B. and while I'm there my mind is focused on all the things that I am not doing to encourage my music career. 'Aha' moments of what I will do when I'm on 'days off' plans plans plans.. and so many good intentions.
plans to score music
plans to write original music
plans to blog
plans to exercise
plans to eat right
plans to sus out new venues for music
plans to cook exotic tasty dishes for my family
plans to clean.... up the entire house
plans to plan a music career that will invite a richer income
plans to network with new musicians
plans to record an album

But I must confess that once the days off are present, I find myself busy watching the cooking network. So many shows, so many chefs, so little time to take it all in.

The good thing though, at least I'm consistent and still breathing... in and out.. in and out.. in and out...

Diva M


sharon said...

Always enjoy stopping by and listening/reading your blog...
Just saying hello, and yes, to the" too fast" passage of time.
I feel, I am still in the hurry up and wait stage..But I shall continue. Patience is a Virtue :)
Sending good thoughts
Best, Sharon

Diva M said...

Thanks Sharon for sending the good thoughts and for joining me in my plight of hurry up and wait...

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