Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some thoughts on Social Media!! IT'S GREAT

I've been working as a musician for a few years now, and have mostly just stumbled onto things that have worked to build recognition and my fan base.
The newest things that I have been intentionally working on are in the area of online social media and marketing.

Twitter has become an AMAZING resource for me as a musician combined with using the software HootSuite. This is a great way to build friends, fans and more recognition.
I've met some amazing social net work gurus who have already invented the wheel, I've connected with some of them and have asked a few questions, now I just have to apply it to my life and business.

In Particular, HootSuite has been great to link me to all my social net works, such as Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook Pages. The software is simple to use and connects you to your status updates in all those applications.
"It's a one stop status update shop!" and I can designate which status get updates and with what particular content. This has saved me time and has made my 'alive and active' presence known, which in turn has connected me to more people.
I've only been tweeting for a short time and have seen how my tweet from my city in Victoria Canada was retweeted by a woman in Nashville USA and then retweeted again by another organization in Nashville. These happen over and over again.
Music and promotion isn't the only thing I talk about on Twitter either, I am a real person with ideas, stories, jokes, questions just like everyone else. So in 140 characters or less, I can share some pretty neat ideas, and have some fun.

I also use Reverbnation as my main music website. This free software is amazing, again easy to use and the features it has are to many to list. It also is connected to Twitter and I am able to update my twitter, facebook and myspace from within Reverbnation too. I wish I could encourage more musicians to catch on to this amazing free software and sign up. So easy to use and as I said covers so many areas that a musicaian needs. Once all your information is inputed, it's done and It allows the musician to focus on being that, a musician.

Lastly I have found the more the applications and software connects to each other the closer your connection and online presence becomes huge.
I have added as many connected links to each site so that they connect each other. So CDBABY, ReverbNation, my Blog, Website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, are all connected to each other in at least one way and some 7 ways.
Putting in this effort to work hard connecting all my dots is really paying off, I have almost doubled my fan base on Reverbnation, increased my followers on Twitter and made some amazing new friends online from all over the world!

Now the easy part, sit back connect and sing my heart out!!
Diva M

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adventures in Recording Part 3: I'm sooo EXCITED

I just had to stop what I was doing and write an update!

I'm SOOOO EXCITED, we've booked our dates for the recording. It was seamless!
Daniel emailed the musicians and engineer with the dates that we thought would be good, and everyone said YES! May 23, 24 and 26 for the beginning bed tracks!
There was no re-figuring or having to go back and forth with dates or schedules.
I wish I could explain what a relief this is and how it just brings another level of excitement! This makes the recording more a reality that "IT'S REEEEEALLLY GOING TO HAPPEN"!

Daniel and I meet once a week to connect, rehearse songs, and create new ones. This time together helps me find more of an attachment to the new songs, which is so important to me. I like to find the truth of me in each song, as it's always my goal to live the story of the song and bring it to life... (even if it's not my story) The more I sing them, the easier the picture I am able to paint for myself and the listeners!

The new songs are WONDERFUL, and I can't wait to share them with you all! I KNOW you will love them. We will be re-doing two songs from the past adding new life and spice to them I CAN'T WAIT!!

Our plan for the next session is to do a rough recording of the tunes for the musicians to learn.

I'd love to let you have a listen to the snippets but that would spoil all the fun!
No one likes a fun spoiler!

Diva M

Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventures in Recording Part 2

Light Camera ACTION!
Actually this is the wrong media, but I like how it brings to attention the start of something and makes it feel exciting.
In recording I don't really know what they say, I think it's just, 'go' or go head, I'm rolling. Not so exciting nor does it really doesn't evoke good imagery.

Dan and I are making great steps to solidify the things we need to get this recording completed.
Recording Date (check, well almost)
Musicians (check)
Engineer (check)
Songs (check)

When choosing musicians it can be very difficult as there are so many amazing ones out there, and some who have become close personal friends. I truly want to give the work to all of them. But in the end it comes down to; availability, sound, feel, personality, price, speed at which they record, and just good gut feelings. Sadly, many of my musicians friends STILL fit that criteria. Plain and simple, It's hard to choose.

We have chosen our Drummer and Bassist which will be our foundation. Daniel has chosen the Engineer. If our budget allows for it, we will hire horn players etc. but this will be after the main portion of the recording is done.

Our plan will be, to do one evening of rehearsing then jump into the studio with both feet, we figure sometime towards the end of May.

April is a busy month gig wise for me. Daniel and the Bassist will perform at many of the gigs with me. This will allow for a bit more pre rehearsal time for the three of us and also allows me to work out the phrasings and feels of the songs. Believe it or not a song rehearsed or performed in front of a live audience has two distinct feels to it. The energy that draws from the listeners is so vital to my performance. Hopefully I will be able to take the energy that I feel from a performance and bring it into the studio.

At our last gig, Daniel and I were excited to see our original tunes come to life as they were acknowledged positively by our listeners, a proud feeling for both of us.
Truth be told, they are Daniel's babies cause he writes most of the tune... I just go along for the song.

Diva M

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