Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be the Grasshopper Let the Masters Teach!

I'm on a new quest to learn and understand more of how to utilize the internet to promote myself as a musician.

I have my website, facebook pages, twitter, utube, myspace(s), a couple other promotional sites and my favourite... my reverbnation site. reverbnation/maureenwashignton
If I could encourage musicians with any of these sites, reverbnation would be my first choice to start.
On reverbnation, the features (which are free)are wonderful, super resourceful, and extremely user friendly. It is a musicians dream for a website as it helps promote your career allows you to network with musicians and fans, creates electronic press kits and it tracks everything that you do... instant resume.
I love their stats which keep track of each musician in the reverbnation world. Today I am #1 Locally, #1 Nationally and #29 Globally. My goal is to get into the top 25 global, which will be done by increasing fans, music plays, and communication with my fans.

Much of what I have done via internet promotion has been trial and error and mostly just stumbling along....
I've realized that I have stumbled on a couple of gold mines!! and in turn, I am enjoying little mini master classes with two wonderful people.

Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby) sign up to his blogs... they are crafted and inspiring.
Honestly just google his name and read, watch and learn anything that you can.

Ariel Hyatt
Sign up there, and then watch her many informative videos here

it's the age old saying... don't reinvent the wheel... just watch and learn how it is made and watch your career grow!

Diva M

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