Sunday, February 7, 2010

Which Way Now???

I'm a little stuck on what steps to take in my life.
My desire is to be a full time musician.
Financially it's not the easiest thing to do as you have to be very well known, selling lots of merchandise, and gigging at the she she poo poo, high-end venues and events.

2009 I was working a j.o.b., actually I was working for two to make full time work. December 4th I was let go from the more substantial one. (It wasn't the best environment anyway)but it has left my pocket book very empty and now the bills are beginning to pile up.

A few other things have changed in my home as well. The mister has recently 'retired' from work and will be receiving a disability pension as he is unable to work from the medication he takes to battle cancer. (this is a whole other blog)
Once his payments kick in, it 'sort of' allows me to not have to work full time at a j.o.b. which also brings the possibility for me to focus on crafting my music, writing, and the idea of traveling to other cities to perform.

Just after Christmas I had obtained a second j.o.b. but felt the learning curve strain, and the stress of the pending cancer wouldn't allow me to continue.
Since then I have had other job offers and opportunities to work other j.o.b.s. My dilemma is that I don't want to give up the possible freedom of being able to work my music business, and allowing me to make money as a musician.

BUUUUUTTTT THEEEEENNNNN on the other hand, a good paying j.o.b. would bring financial relief to our home, and allow for us to do and have... and have and do.
My pastor told me to take baby steps... but, baby steps into what??? my career or into a new j.o.b. I just don't know... hummmmm
I think I should take a N.A.P!

Diva M

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