Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lights Camera Action

The band has just performed their first show, it will be the first of many to come!
The on stage connection was excellent, it was just as we practiced in rehearsals. All the songs came together and together we pulled ourselves to another level.
We were mighty pleased with our performance. Our only negative was, due to the lack of a proper sound check, we had a flood of volume on stage, and lack of monitor volume. I relied a lot on memory as I couldn't even here myself within myself. No biggie, as the show MUST go on.

I feel honored to play with these talented men, and I have learned a lot by working with them. I guess the talent rubs off and spills on others, I certainly am great full for that!

I was quite excited about the gig, which is a rare thing for me. I'm usually pretty subdued for the most part mingled with a bit of fear. This was not the case, I was excited and not fear full at all. Apparently I was over dressed as it was a dance for mostly hippies! But I came as I want to be represented. Classy.

The let down was a lot for me, I felt pretty blue the next day and was suffering from exhaustion, my office gig definitely suffered. But the show must go on.

My personal life was suffering over the weekend too and much that went on has left me rather rattled. For many things in life, time is the healer for just about everything, I have time for the most part so let the healing begin!

What's up ahead? I have a few more shows this month and I am looking forward to them, lots of work but VERY rewarding! I'm looking forward to my future and looking forward to when the lights from the camera a super BRIGHT!

Diva M

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