Monday, June 30, 2008


I figured it was time to check in about the Yoga.

Ok, I'm in!
Yup, I'm a yogagoer! It is official I bought a one month pass for the special that they have going on in July.
Can you believe it, I am hardly believing it as I type this.
Remember when I said that I was counting down how many more times I had to go? Now when I go I am counting how many I have left.

Bikram yoga has a special on "take the 30 day challenge for $99.00" This means that you can go every day as often as you want for a hundred bucks. That is pretty good since the drop in fee is $20.

I have gotten myself to 2 days a week now, and as of July, I will go 4 days a week, during the challenge. I really am wanting this to help heal my body and to help increase the weight loss of course.

Now, I have no problem talking myself into going, I DO have a problem talking to myself to STAY IN THE ROOM.
About 1/2 to 3/4 through I'm ready to go home. So I begin telling myself that it's almost done. Once we hit janushirasana (Head to knee pose with stretching pose) paschimotthanasana I'm know I'm home free.
Another session achieved!
It's still a struggle to do the poses properly, but I'm doing what I can to the best of my ability which apparently gives you 100% of the benefits.
Let's hope so!
Diva M


elzee said...

You go girl!

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GraceeJ said...

Go Maureen!
Go maureen!
It's not your birthday
It's closer to mine
whoot whoot whoot