Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finding a Mate on Ebay!

I'm watching the news the other day, and here is a 'news worthy' item. No, it wasn't the world crisis, war, death, famine, or crime; no, it was a beautiful blond, Florida woman, who was tired of not meeting a man and was selling her home (with bride) on Ebay.
THIS, is news worthy? Please. Had she been ugly and not a real estate agent with a beautiful home, would the news actually air this story. I think not.
There were re
ports of an Italian man who was interested and on his way to Florida to meet her. I'm a little dumbfounded at the whole thing. If a beautiful successful woman can't find a mate, what hope is for the rest of the single population?
Take me for instance. I'll post myself on Ebay.
"For sale, a home in Victoria to rent for $1920.00 comes complete with an attractive, black woman with a few extra pounds and 5 Children."

Humm, maybe I shouldn't add the 'amount' of children part. Maybe I could say,
"a home in Victoria to rent for $1920.00 comes complete with an attractive, black woman with a few extra pounds and a handful of children."
This way I am not really committing to the amount of children that I have. I feel this would be ok as 2 of my children are adults, but they do live here with me. I'm thinking the 'rent' part doesn't sound to appealing either. So, I think it will be a no go for me.

"a home in Victoria complete with an attractive black woman some children, for a man who has a job"
I figured I could pay the rent, but I wanted to ween all those out who would just be free loaders.

So this is what we've come to, a single woman with a house trying to sell their home and themselves on Ebay, what a strange time we live in.
I personally feel it was to draw attention to herself probably for her business. Any sort of promotion and name recognition is huge, and in the real estate business, this was a very smart move on her part.
I am certain that someone will also capitalize on this "selling your home to find a mate" idea on the internet and turn it into some sort of money making scheme.
I know I would.....

Diva M

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Dawn said...

Well composed! love it! and love you!

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