Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Wife Of Many!

I'm realizing that in life we have many relationships er, may I say many hats that we wear.
I, being the mother of many children have worn many hats in my 20 years of motherhood. I've been Mother, Father, House Keeper, Doctor, Wife, Lawyer, Judge, Seamstress, Teacher, Prison Guard Counselor just to name a few.
Now that I am older, and can look at different past relationships in my life. I see that there are different people that you need in your life, these 'hats' relationships are necessary to round you out and those you are in relationship with.

I have had many men in my life who I have been the 'wife' to. Not the lover wife, but the wife that meets a certain need in a certain area of that particular persons life. I've been the female friend wife that can listen without personal agendas and feelings, so that he gets his point across. I've been the musician wife to many, they speak in musical terms and emotions and it's an area I live because I'm a musician so understand and can relate to them. I've been the laughing wife, who thinks that everything he says is funny. I've been the encourager wife, who give you that extra push again with no agendas.

I've enjoyed my experiences within these relationships, and I feel in some ways it has helped me to be a better person. I know that it had made some of the REAL wives uncomfortable, some thought that I was looking for something more, but that was never my intention and boundaries never were crossed. I guess a lot of my needs for different husbands in my life was just as necessary, and this need was being met for me.

Diva M

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